100 years of CIMA: skills for growth and supporting change

In March, CIMA celebrated its 100th birthday. The birthday marked one hundred years of learning, support and collaboration in the finance industry.

I’m a fellowship member of CIMA. I am proud to be a member of an organisation that truly believes in positive change and teaches its members the skills to drive it. Using a shared expertise in finance, together we can support communities, companies and individuals to make both personal and professional improvements.

Membership: why CIMA matters

My CIMA membership is invaluable. During qualification I received training, knowledge and advice on the day-to-day work of a qualified accountant. Yet there’s so much more to my membership than facts and figures. CIMA teaches us the skills needed to run a business, not just do the finances. As a management accountant, this support has been instrumental throughout my career and within my current business. As Not Just an FD, my ethos is to go beyond the numbers and support my clients with their long-term vision and plans for growth.

Success: the skills CIMA has given me

To celebrate the centenary, CIMA has awarded full-members, like me, free training in their new modules. These modules are designed for us to learn about the latest improvements in our industry, discover more about finance in the digital age and receive personal development guidance.

The skills my CIMA membership has brought me have already proven invaluable. Whilst at Austin Hayes, I used the skills I’d learnt through CIMA to set up a risk management system. Risk management is so important for any business. Whilst most businesses do manage risk, they don’t have a formalised system of recording how they do it. This can lead to gaps in identifying the risks, or in risk mitigation. A common problem is not allocating a person to manage each risk, so everyone thinks ‘someone else is doing it’.

Austin Hayes tendered for a large, long-term MOD contract, and the bid required a formal strategic risk management system to be in place. As there was no formal system at the time, my task was to develop one. I began with presenting to the Austin Hayes Board to demonstrate the system’s value. I held workshops to create categories of risk, identify and assess individual risks, and develop risk mitigation solutions. The Directors recognised the value of risk management through the interactive sessions I held, and I went on to create a professional risk management system. This was scrutinised at a high level by the MOD and accepted, as was our tender bid.

Belonging: how CIMA has supported me

On 27th March I attended CIMA’s Centenary Roadshow in Leeds. I’ve made many friends through CIMA and served on the West Yorkshire branch committee for several years. So much has changed for me over the last couple of years since my days on the committee and I loved catching up with other members. It’s great to feel we’re part of the organisation together. I’m currently serving on the members in practice committee panel and thoroughly enjoying giving something back to CIMA and helping CIMA members get the best out of their subscription.

I had even more reason to celebrate, as I received a certificate for my work as a volunteer with CIMA. It was humbling to be recognised for something that gives me so much joy and fulfilment. I’m proud to use my CIMA knowledge to continue to support positive change, maintain my personal values and help my clients go from strength to strength.


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