Exit planning for your financial future

For many business owners, a fruitful exit is a marker of success. Therefore, it’s not surprising that exit planning has come up in recent conversations with some of my contacts. A sale, and possible subsequent retirement, may be far away, but financial planning must begin early with a clear, actionable strategy. Moving on: why choose […]

Planning for the future: your strategy for business growth

A clear business strategy is essential. Ideas and visions are important, but an end goal in mind alone isn’t enough. You need a focussed, actionable approach. Planning for success requires straightforward objectives, detailed forecasting, and a thorough understanding of the steps you need to take. Whether your strategy is for growth, sustained effort or exit, […]

Understanding team value: the importance of caring for your staff

Working days can be long, the hours can be tough, and business can be challenging. Many employees feel measured by their output alone, and employers are often failing to support their team on a personal level. This damaging attitude is highly detrimental to staff health. As a financial director and business owner, I know how […]

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