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Does your work define you?

Discovering how your energy flows through every part of your life helps you find balance between your personal interests and your business. Does work define you completely? Or do you have hobbies outside your organisation? I don’t think there’s a definitive line between the personal and professional, especially when you’re running your own business. Of […]

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How sharing your skills supports others

Finding your way up the career ladder to achieve your ambitions is an easier journey when you have someone on your side. Giving back to others is one of my strongest values. When the opportunity came up for me to speak at CIMA regional and national events about my experiences of being an outsourced FD, […]

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Setting goals, making plans and restoring energy

What do you want to achieve this spring? The nights are lighter, the days are longer and our energies are rising – giving us the focus we need to develop plans and set goals to match our values. I love this way of thinking about the right time to shape our futures. In January, I […]

Supporting you to believe in yourself

There’s much more to working with an FD than learning the way around a spreadsheet. With the right FD by your side, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge that boosts your belief in your organisation, your team and – most importantly – yourself. Bringing an FD into your business is usually something you’ll decide to […]

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Reflecting, refocusing and rebalancing

For me, January isn’t the right time of year to make resolutions. Every new year, we’re told to make promises to ourselves and commit to things we want to change. There’s heavy expectation, which feels at odds with the time of year. The days are short, the weather is cold, and the Christmas period is […]

Five simple steps to financial awareness

Financial awareness is all about understanding your money and knowing how best to manage it based on your circumstances. For some business owners, keeping track of your spending might sound time-consuming. It may even worry you, if finances are a cause for concern and delving into them feels stressful. Yet if you take five straightforward […]

New beginnings: personal and professional progress

Plenty of doors have closed on my path to where I am today. Some have been welcomed; others have been tough. But I feel I’m in a good space where I can let new doors open, with new beginnings and new starts in both my business and my personal life. There have been a couple […]

Not Just Numbers : 10 years of collaboration and celebration

My sister company, Not Just Numbers, celebrates its 10th birthday this week. I couldn’t be prouder of Debbie Whitaker and her team for this incredible milestone that reflects how the work they do makes such a positive difference to the clients they work with. The Not Just Numbers team As Not Just an FD, I’m […]

Training and supporting your team to thrive

Looking after your staff is crucial. Staff wellbeing is a huge issue, and something I’ve spoken about a lot lately. Many companies have found their staff have felt particularly disengaged this last year, which affects morale, productivity, and personal and professional growth. Spending time with your staff to develop their knowledge and skills is one […]


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