Does your work define you?

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Discovering how your energy flows through every part of your life helps you find balance between your personal interests and your business.

Does work define you completely? Or do you have hobbies outside your organisation?

I don’t think there’s a definitive line between the personal and professional, especially when you’re running your own business. Of course, there has to be some separation to enjoy time away from the natural pressures and stresses that come with any job. That’s something I’ve always been very vocal about: supporting my own wellbeing is vital and I encourage everyone I work or connect with to do the same and spend time doing what they love.

Yet our thoughts, feelings and the way we approach our lives are all intrinsic to who we are as people. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the energies we focus on in our personal lives impact our professional lives too and is another reason why the interests I choose outside my business matter so much to me.

Uncovering energies with Feng Shui

I love my role at Not Just an FD. Yet my personal hobbies are hugely important too. I’ve spoken a lot about finding balance lately and having varied interests in and out of my working life helps me to achieve that.

The desire for better balance helped to spark my initial interest in energy flows. I wanted to better understand the harmony between us as individuals and the world around us, especially how that makes us feel. I studied Feng Shui, recently passing a Level Four college course with a distinction. Not only do I enjoy challenging myself with new things to learn and goals to achieve, the principles of the practice of Feng Shui and how they centre on finding balance with our environments really resonates with me. I’ve now used Feng Shui teachings to make sure the energy flows are correct around my home.

Adopting practices for body and mind

As part of my growing appreciation of the positive effects of Feng Shui, I’m trying to adopt the balance of the cosmic forces of Yin and Yang and the life force energy of Ch’i, or Qi, in my life. Ch’i is all about the circulating energy that balances the positive and negative within us that’s essential to our physical and mental health. It helps us focus on finding calm in life’s many chaotic moments.

I also do Qigong and yoga weekly. I join Kris and Sam at Santosha Rose in Knaresborough for both their Qigong class and their yoga classes. Qigong centres around breathing and meditation through coordinated movement and body posture, connecting our health and spirituality. The classes are time to really free my mind and focus on bringing calm to every aspect of my life to make what I do, think and feel add greater value to myself, my business and those around me. As a special treat I always try to attend their retreat days and I am really looking forward to their Playful Creativity Retreat Day on 29th May in Knaresborough.

Understanding balance for overall wellbeing

Finding better balance and energy in my life and understanding what I can do to influence that is helping me uncover really positive ways of thinking, feeling and working. I know I’m at my best – and can deliver that best version of myself to clients, colleagues and friends – when I’ve taken the time to focus on how the energy is flowing through every part of my life.

It proves to me that work doesn’t define me. Rather, it’s how I pull together all aspects of my life, from the clients I care about to the hobbies I love, to bring the energies that are positive, fun and add value to those around me.

To join Kris and Sam at Santosha Rose, either online or in person, book here. You’ll also see I’ve made it on to their bookings page, proving I do practice what I preach (and showing how it really does relax me!).

I’d love to support you as you find balance in your life and business. Talk to me about preparing plans, maximising budgets and discovering a listening ear to mentor you as you grow your organisation and find personal fulfilment.


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