How sharing your skills supports others

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Finding your way up the career ladder to achieve your ambitions is an easier journey when you have someone on your side.

Giving back to others is one of my strongest values. When the opportunity came up for me to speak at CIMA regional and national events about my experiences of being an outsourced FD, I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and up to the microphone.

Providing guidance

My speaking opportunities are an extension of the one-to-one conversations I have with new and aspiring CIMA members in practice interested in specialising in finance director work. I share with them how I find clients, the services I provide, how I sell myself and even my prices. I give examples of when things have gone wrong and what to be aware of when setting up your business.

It’s knowledge I feel it’s important to give to others. I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I want to be able to share that with business owners and managers so they can use it in their own organisations. I also want to make it completely accessible and transferrable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a multi-million pound business, a local SME or a non-profit organisation. They’ll have many different financial challenges, but also many of the same ones too: risks to manage, scenarios to predict and budgets to plan. I want to tell others how best to tackle those challenges and what positive impact an understanding of these financial goals and possible outcomes can have on a company.

Building confidence

I hope telling others about my experiences gives prospective financial directors practical advice to start their own careers. Yet of course, my story is not just about finances and business skills. I believe we should use our knowledge to help others where we can, knowing stories told by someone who’s been there can make a real difference to self-confidence and professional growth.

When I work with you, I ask you to share key information about your business with me to find out what I really need to know to help you grow. Naturally, that’s always in complete confidence. Yet I find speaking publicly and honestly about my experiences helps others open up too. My goal when I’m speaking is to make sure that something resonates with those business owners who have ever felt like they’re handling every challenge by themselves. I can really relate – as a former managing director in a large engineering company and today as an outsourced FD, I know what it’s like to be the one making the toughest calls. Managing an organisation can be isolating, fraught with imposter syndrome and the worry you’re doing things wrong. Yet when someone empathises with your challenges and understands them, you feel less alone and grow confidence in your capabilities.

With a couple of speaking gigs under my belt and more to come, I’m humbled to be asked to share what I’ve learnt to give back to others. I love making a difference and seeing people grow, thrive and achieve. Whether it’s through delivering to an audience or supporting you one-on-one within your organisation, it’s a real privilege to share my knowledge to help your confidence and your cash flow soar. Get in touch to tell me how I can help you do that.


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