New beginnings: personal and professional progress

Plenty of doors have closed on my path to where I am today. Some have been welcomed; others have been tough. But I feel I’m in a good space where I can let new doors open, with new beginnings and new starts in both my business and my personal life. There have been a couple of loose ends, yet it feels like they’re tying up and I’m moving forward.

I’ve been open about my challenges before, so it really matters to me to share my successes. I always encourage my clients, colleagues and friends to speak up with pride when things go well. So it’s only right that I do the same, particularly when the support of others has helped me so much along the way.

Growing businesses with new opportunities

Not Just an FD has been growing steadily. I have some amazing clients doing inspirational things and I love shouting out about them and sharing their successes. But my business is developing too and new enquiries are coming through regularly. It feels like everything has shifted for the positive.

On the back of talking to new people, I’ve recently welcomed a new client on board and I’m looking forward to beginning work with another next month. Getting started with an outsourced FD is usually a positive fresh start for a company. Business owners, CEOs and finance teams don’t always have the time or the in-house expertise to take an objective look at the challenges they’re facing and how they’ll overcome them. Working with an FD is a chance to clear the decks, get every detail in order and put in place a measurable strategy for better opportunities.

Moving home…and moving on

As well as professionally, there’s been personal growth for me too, starting with moving house. My flat had been my own property and I’d done what I could to make it mine. But I knew it wasn’t the place I wanted to call home. After a long search, I’ve found a house that feels like the right place for me.

I’ve made a mid-way stop too, keeping me on my toes with two house moves in as many months, staying with my best friend since childhood for a few weeks. Moving is a big upheaval and I’d be lying if I said I’d found it easy. But I’ve had my amazing friends and family on hand for support (and storage!). I really couldn’t have done it without them.

In the spirit of moving on, I also got my decree absolute confirmed last month. It’s been nearly five years, yet finally, I feel I can close the chapter and look forward.

Looking after ourselves so we can welcome change

We’re often reluctant to share our own successes. But I’ve shared my challenges, and I think it’s important we’re transparent about where life leads us so we can celebrate our achievements too.

Honesty is crucial in my role as an outsourced FD. Only when a client is open with me about what they’re facing can I really support them to make the financial decisions to meet personal and professional goals. Our growth truly comes from sharing and supporting one another. I really believe it’s what helps us to get into the right headspace to allow the good things into our lives. When we focus on our wellbeing, we remember our value and that we deserve the happiness that comes our way.

Whether times are good or bad, talk to someone to get the support you need. For a confidential chat about your business’ finances or a listening ear as a mentor and a sounding board, you’ll find my number here.


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