Not Just Numbers : 10 years of collaboration and celebration

My sister company, Not Just Numbers, celebrates its 10th birthday this week. I couldn’t be prouder of Debbie Whitaker and her team for this incredible milestone that reflects how the work they do makes such a positive difference to the clients they work with.

The Not Just Numbers team

As Not Just an FD, I’m part of the Not Just Numbers family. I love being a member of the wider team that runs based on incredible knowledge and exceptional personal support, led by longstanding values that I share.

Not Just Numbers began when its founder and MD Debbie recognised the need for an accountancy practice that genuinely cared about its clients and went beyond the numbers. Of course, tax returns, company payroll and historic figures matter. But Not Just Numbers looks beyond this, helping clients plan for their long-term success with a clear understanding of how, and why, their numbers matter.

With that ethos and the team’s tenacity, it’s no surprise that the business has gone from strength to strength.

The creation of Not Just an FD

In 2017, Debbie saw there was an opportunity to expand Not Just Numbers’ successful advisory services by offering outsourced finance director support. For me, this couldn’t have come at a better time. As I’ve shared in my personal story, 2016 was a really tough year for me. I split from my husband, home and employer in the same month, so I needed a fresh start.

I didn’t want to leave the experience I’d gained over my years in the finance industry behind. So I brought my knowledge and my values, teamed up with Not Just Numbers and Not Just an FD was born.

The experience that puts clients first

I’d spent over two decades working in finance across a wide range of sectors, including time as both FD and MD in the engineering industry. I love the variety my experiences have offered. As an MD and manager, I’ve been responsible for leading and developing staff, which I’ve always enjoyed. One of my proudest achievements is putting a formal strategic risk management system in place that won my company a contract worth around £40m. It took a balance of financial expertise and leadership skills, but I led the team through risk identification and risk mitigation workshops that withstood the scrutiny of the Ministry of Defence.

This experience benefits clients on all levels, from multi-million pound turnover businesses to local, registered charities, who I am proud to support with funding applications and finance reports to help them secure the money they need to do their invaluable work. My background’s also helped me in my voluntary role as secretary of the CIMA Members in Practice Panel in Yorkshire and the North

East. I provide UK-wide support for members, and worked with CIMA to help the Treasury provide better support for small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

The values that drive the work we do

For the Not Just… team, there’s so much more than simply stepping in and putting a plan in place, then leaving your business to make sense of it. That’s why joining with Not Just Numbers felt so right for me, as our collective focus is on helping our clients grow. Listening to you is the most important part of what we do. If we understand your values and goals, we can analyse your finances in a way that works for you and helps you and your business develop.

Understanding your needs is where the Not Just… company ethos really makes a difference. It’s not simply a case of collating facts and figures. It’s in listening to you that we find out what matters to you to make sure you’re putting your mental health in focus as well as your money. Of course, a firm grasp on your finances reduces your mental stress. But we know that your business works best when you do, so your wellbeing must always come first.

I’m so proud to be celebrating with Not Just Numbers this month. Debbie and her team are not just business partners, but friends – with a kind, supportive and understanding approach that makes me incredibly proud to work alongside them.

I hope you’ll join me raising a glass to their incredibly well-earned decade in business.

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