Reflecting, refocusing and rebalancing

Silhouette of woman doing yoga pose in front of purple and pink sunset.

For me, January isn’t the right time of year to make resolutions.

Every new year, we’re told to make promises to ourselves and commit to things we want to change. There’s heavy expectation, which feels at odds with the time of year. The days are short, the weather is cold, and the Christmas period is over. Yet the resolution mindset says we need to look at the way we live our lives and the things we do and feel, then find the energy to create big differences. It’s a huge challenge and it’s hard to achieve. Maybe there’s a better way to start our new year without the feeling of failure.

Make winter your time to reflect

Instead of forcing ourselves to make January resolutions, consider using the energy we have in the first months of the new year to refocus and reflect. It’s more natural for our wellbeing that we take this time to hibernate a little and look back at the past year. Reflecting on our achievements helps us to feel empowered, and asking ourselves what we wish had been different gives us chance to focus and assess the coming year.

Meeting both our professional goals and taking care of our personal wellbeing is all about balance, which is notoriously difficult to achieve. Yet one way I’ve found some harmony is through yoga. I started practicing yoga during lockdown and I’ve kept it up in the months since thanks to the stability the energies around it bring. That’s all because of the yin and yang, which need to be in balance overall but equally – just like we do – constantly move, flow and change.

For me, the focus for winter is to pause and to connect with where we are now so we can find the harmony in both the yin and yang that restores us. In winter, we nourish the yin: the stillness and the quiet that lets us embrace rest and slowness, ready for the active, rising and forceful yang in spring.

Renew your focus in the lighter months

Spring is a much better time for us to make our plans for how we want to shape our lives. There’s a sense of renewal and new feelings, and rightfully so: spring is the right time for us to think afresh, restoring the balance of our yin and yang. Yet it’s easier to approach spring feeling positive and fulfilled if we’ve spent the earlier months of the year focussing on what’s important to us. When we’ve slowed and rested, the yang is ready to put us back in balance: moving us actively into the light.

Another reason why winter is not the best time to make big promises is that it’s often a period filled with financial worry. Of course, many businesses and individuals will have budgeted and forecasted for the changes of the Christmas period. Yet others may not have felt able to, or found unexpected circumstances have left their finances in an uncomfortable position. When you’re worried about your money, it’s time to take care of yourself and your situation with kindness, rather than adding pressure by rushing to change the way you behave, think or feel.

Balancing our thoughts and feelings is crucial to our wellbeing. I’ve found some harmony in yoga and love sharing its benefits. You might find some rest and stillness in yoga too – or in the quiet woodland for a dog walk, getting lost in a good book or jigsaw, or taking time to meditate. However you balance your energy, winter is time to reflect and restore. Do that and you’ll be ready to activate your goals in the spring with renewed focus on what matters most to you and your business.

Whether you’re reflecting on your past year or ready to move toward forecasting for the year ahead, a listening ear for your plans helps you focus them into action. Get in touch for a confidential chat.


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