Supporting through CIMA: helping others taking new directions

It’s a time when you may be rethinking your options for your future. For some, this may be that a period of change and reflection has allowed you to decide what you truly want from life, with a newfound drive to take on a challenge. For others, a new direction may have been forced upon you due to redundancies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your new path might be filled with uncertainties and many questions.

Whether you’re embracing an opportunity for a new direction or have been forced into Plan B, we must all support each other. Together with my friends and colleagues at CIMA, we’ve been sharing our knowledge and experiences to advise others who are taking an unexpected path and help them make it a success.

Sharing knowledge with CIMA webinars

I was elected CIMA MiP Panel secretary last year and I really want to use my position as a chance to give back and support others. CIMA membership has been of huge value to me throughout my career, helping build knowledge and grow connections, so offering a webinar felt a natural way to share guidance in challenging times.

The webinar – ‘Self Employed: the CIMA Route’ – was aimed at CIMA Members who are thinking of using their CIMA qualification to start their own business. I co-hosted the webinar alongside two fellow CIMA members: Lorraine Ellison and Ian Ross. Ian acted as an anchor, whilst Lorraine and I led the conversation.

Initially, this was meant to be a live event but naturally we switched to online. We’d normally expect around 30 attendees at our CIMA live events; for this event, over a thousand people registered. More than 600 attended on the day, with another 100 watching the recording afterwards. It was quite humbling, as it was clear to see how many people were looking for a little extra support and solidarity with other facing similar challenges or embracing new ideas.

Making connections and offering guidance

The level of interest, engagement and interaction at the live event was fascinating: 90 questions were answered afterwards. Many of the people on the webinar connected with Lorraine, Ian and me on LinkedIn. They asked to chat privately, which we’ve done either via Zoom or phone call to further explore some of the key issues discussed on the live webinar.

Many of these one-on-one calls have been with people starting on their self-employed journey. Self-employment can feel a very lonely place, with working alone exacerbated by the necessity of virtual communication. Chatting to another CIMA member provides a positive place to start to build networks and connections, as well as sharing advice on the financial approach that’s right for your new business venture. Having someone to ask about best practice and approach really helps to boost resilience and increase confidence.

On Saturday, we did another full webinar for CIMA members. This time, there’ll be four of us on the call, sharing our experiences on how to get pricing right and Ian Ross anchoring again. This can be a real challenge and a new one for a recently self-employed person to face, so it’s important that we can share our knowledge to help others.

I love being part of CIMA. The members in practice are such a friendly bunch who love to help one another, so I’m proud to do my part to support others. If you’re a CIMA member and would like to find out more, visit CIMA’s website. If not, and you’re looking for a little financial support and guidance as you face a new challenge, please get in touch and I’ll gladly offer my help.


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