Training and supporting your team to thrive

Looking after your staff is crucial. Staff wellbeing is a huge issue, and something I’ve spoken about a lot lately. Many companies have found their staff have felt particularly disengaged this last year, which affects morale, productivity, and personal and professional growth.

Spending time with your staff to develop their knowledge and skills is one way you can show them you’re committed to making their working life the best it can be.

What can you do to support staff growth?

Currently, I’m really enjoying training and developing the Your Consortium Ltd finance team. They’re a close-knit team working in the voluntary and community sector, so they need clear day-to-day understanding of their finances to help them make a real difference to the people they work with.

Naturally, there are areas of the organisation’s financial management where I take ownership. But it’s even more important that their team understand their figures, so they feel supported to make real change. At the moment, I’m teaching the finance team bookkeeping, management accounts and the best way to use the Xero accounting system, developing their staff so they are both empowered and armed with the knowledge they need.

How can you deliver feedback that’s valued?

It’s not just the smaller teams that benefit from staff development. PKF is a global network of accountancy firms, and I’m working with their team in a similar way to how I’m helping Your Consortium Ltd.

PKF asked me to become part of their Outsourcing team who prepare management accounts. A big part of my role there is to review the work of more junior members of staff. I really enjoy this, and hope this is a great development opportunity for the staff, as I can share some of my experience and knowledge to add value. It’s also something that needs to be done carefully. I really make sure I give feedback about areas for improvement in a constructive and kind way to develop the staff in a way to help, rather than discourage, them. It’s so important to me that people feel they’ve learnt from the knowledge I’ve shared and felt empowered to use it.

Who do you have on your side?

Bringing in an expert gives you a fresh perspective that helps you to understand your business in new ways. Yet it adds the greatest value when that person becomes a true part of your team.

I work closely with my sister company, Not Just Numbers, as well as alongside other accountancy practices. Sharing our knowledge, collaborating on new ideas and having a good laugh while we’re at it is what makes the relationship so valuable, with strong teamwork helping us to grow. It’s an approach I aim to bring to every business I work with.

The most rewarding part of staff development is when someone says to me ‘I’ve learnt so much working with you’. Guiding others, listening to their needs and building on their skills to help them develop are values that drive the job I do. Knowing I’ve made a difference really means a lot to me.

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