Understanding team value: the importance of caring for your staff

Working days can be long, the hours can be tough, and business can be challenging. Many employees feel measured by their output alone, and employers are often failing to support their team on a personal level. This damaging attitude is highly detrimental to staff health.

As a financial director and business owner, I know how the decisions you make impact your team. As such, I am a strong believer in caring for your staff and promoting their wellbeing. Understanding issues people may face and providing a positive, supportive environment naturally encourages a happy, successful workplace. To make sure you’re acting responsibly, there are simple changes you can make.

Trusting your team: show them they’re valued

I’ve worked in industry for more than 20 years as both Finance Director and Managing Director, so I truly understand the necessity of looking after your staff. My team were incredibly important to me, and imperative to the company’s success. Naturally, it felt right to involve them in business decisions; I valued their input, and wanted them to feel included.

With inclusion comes a high level of trust, and I believe that’s what many companies are missing. Placing that trust in your team is important, and demonstrates how integral they are to your business. Without trust, you’re failing to show your staff they’re valued. If you don’t value your staff, you’re failing to be a caring employer.

Including your team: respecting their roles

Every team member has an important role to play. However, particularly in larger organisations, some of your staff might not recognise how they’re making a difference. Part of caring for your staff is making it clear what their role is, and why it’s essential to company success.

By showing a clear understanding of how each job fits into the business as a whole, you’re promoting team inclusion and staff wellbeing. And, as a result, you’re boosting both morale and business growth.

Investing in your team: individual training

Training, coaching, and team building all play important roles to bring the best out of your staff and make them feel valued. However, it’s crucial that you find the right training and coaching to suit each individual member of your team and their own particular needs. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to training: part of your role as a dutiful employer is to recognise this, and support your staff on a case-by-case basis.

Making a financial investment in your team through training and development is both a supportive and practical decision. Not only will it help your employees to become the best they can be, training will benefit your company by increasing staff effectiveness.

Caring for your team: mental health matters

Lack of understanding of mental health in the workplace is a worrying issue. Employers often place great pressure on their team, focussing too heavily on output and neglecting employee welfare. This overwhelming stress can result in staff burnout.

Not Just an FD’s sister company, Not Just Numbers, held a stress management and burnout workshop in May. Led by Anna Pinkerton, a leading therapeutic coach, speaker, and psychotherapist, the event focussed on the pandemic of work-related stress. Understanding that those of us who work hard are most prone to suffer in silence, the workshop brought to light how vital it is to care for our colleagues’ mental health.

Recognising how important it is to look after your team, Jodie Hill of Thrive Law, my wonderful client, is campaigning for it to be a legal requirement to have a mental health first aider in the workplace. Having a trusted, trained support worker encourages your staff to be open about issues they face. Find out more, and sign the petition, here.

Staff inclusion is vital to company success. I’m proud to be an advocate of this important workplace concern; I know that placing trust in your colleagues allows them to thrive, and your business to grow. Financial decisions heavily impact your workforce, and trusting your team with inclusion in the choices your company makes truly shows them you care.


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