Finance strategies for success

Finance support is more than simply taking reports, facts and figures and presenting them for you to deal with. You need to understand your numbers, have a clear strategy and manage your cashflow in order to meet your goals. At Not Just an FD, there are a variety of ways we can help you.

Prepare forecasts

It’s essential to project cash flow and prepare for any issues. With reasonable goals, we’ll look at your actual income and expenditure, revising forecasts to reflect known changes and adjust growth targets as the business year progresses.

Support CEOs

Small business ownership can be a lonely place. We’ll be a sounding board to mentor you, listen and show we understand the problems you face. Then, we’ll hold you accountable to meet your objectives!

Predict scenarios

Situations change, so your business must be financially ready. We’ll look at best and worst-case scenarios, adding contingencies so you’re prepared for any outcome.

Manage risks

Being aware of risks and how to manage them is crucial. We’ll put a risk management system in place to analyse, assess and mitigate using straightforward reporting.

Fix budgets

Your budget is a revenue and spending prediction. It’s set at the beginning of the year as a target to achieve. We’ll compare your actual performance to your budget, keeping your finances on track and setting realistic goals.

Review systems

Are your accounting systems making your life easier? We’ll review and audit to ensure you’re making the most of your software. We can also advise on add-ons and offer training for your team.

Maximise profits

To grow, you need to analyse your forecasts, revenue streams and client base. We’ll compare costs and profits, analyse turnover and make suggestions to increase your profits.

Crunch numbers

You’ll learn which reports matter and why. We’ll review your figures, spot red flags and teach you how to make sense of the numbers that make a real difference to your business.

Make plans

Every business needs an end goal. Will you sell, exit or expand? Whatever your target, we’ll create forecasts and scenarios that show you what to do to achieve it and how long it’ll take to get there.

Set KPIs

How do you measure your success? We’ll look at clients, sales, profits, sectors and staff to set KPIs, check you’re meeting them and highlight when things are heading off track.

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