Setting goals, making plans and restoring energy

What do you want to achieve this spring?

The nights are lighter, the days are longer and our energies are rising – giving us the focus we need to develop plans and set goals to match our values.

I love this way of thinking about the right time to shape our futures. In January, I shared that I felt we should reflect and refocus, not put ourselves under pressure to make resolutions. It was wonderful to see that shared by others who also found the dark, heavy first weeks of a new year a challenging time to revive our energies.

Instead of launching ourselves into a new year setting grand goals, it felt right to reflect on our achievements, or the things that we might wish had gone a little differently. It’s where I find myself this spring, with a refocussed energy on the plans I want to make, the goals I wish to meet and the direction I hope to take.

Finding connections with the right energies

That elusive balance we’re always striving for comes close to realisation for me in yoga. It’s the harmony of the yin and yang that, though always moving and changing, helps us to refocus our minds and bodies on the right moments at the right time.

In winter that focus was the yin: a period to embrace stillness and rest. Doing that’s helped the yang to rise, so I now feel restored for the active and forceful nature that comes with new beginnings in spring. It helped me to look towards the upcoming year feeling empowered for positive change. The yang is known for being active, visible and transformative, which is an energy it’s a huge benefit to channel when we’re thinking about our plans and how we’ll action them.

Refocussing our goals for spring

Now spring is here it’s time for us to think afresh. Spending the darker months reassessing what matters to us means we’re already on the right track, focussing on what really makes a difference to us personally and professionally.

Spring also marks the new financial year. That’s also why I feel it’s a great time to set new goals. We can wipe the slate clean on our figures, either putting the past behind us and refocussing our KPIs and risk management processes or developing forecasts and scenario plans to build on ongoing success.

I find letting my yin take priority in winter really helped me focus and assess my values. It means I can welcome spring knowing who I want to work with and why, as well as being clear about what I know I can do to support them and their business to grow. It’s been a great time to gather new knowledge too, with my recent visit down to London for the CiMA Members in Practice Committee for the first face-to-face meeting in two years. I love how much connecting with others rejuvenates me and focusses my mind for success.

Tuning in to your yang energy after we’ve let our yin take centre stage so far this year puts you in a great place to look at where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there, with enthusiasm and confidence. I’d love to listen to your goals and support you to achieve them.

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